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25th Monday, Shadows of Earth Days, Cape Canaveral Library

25th Monday, Shadows of Earth Days Cape Canaveral Library . 6:pm to 7:30 pm Dr. Ross McCluney gives a presentation on previous Earth Day...

Monday, February 13, 2017

16th Saturday, Making smart choices with solar energy, Satellite Beach

9:30-11:00 Two parts to this informative series.

1) PACE with Solar energy seminar. Making clean energy, energy efficiency and storm proofing more affordable through PACE funding.

2) Dr. Ross McCluney on homeowner considerations for going with solar energy.

Another speaker will give a sneak preview on the oyster matt program to help heal the Indian River and Banana River.


I'll be presenting a short slide show with these elements:

1) a google maps aerial photography view of a typical Satellite Beach home’s roof
2) a side view that shows the angle of inclination of the roof surfaces,
3) a sunpath chart for that location and how to find the range of solar altitude angles at solar noon and describe the best inclinations for the solar collector relative to those sun angles.
4) information about Elon Musk's new residential solar battery that comes close to making your solar home electrical energy self-sufficient, almost able to disconnect from the utility

Ross McCluney

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