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25th Monday, Shadows of Earth Days, Cape Canaveral Library

25th Monday, Shadows of Earth Days Cape Canaveral Library . 6:pm to 7:30 pm Dr. Ross McCluney gives a presentation on previous Earth Day...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

23rd Saturday, Central Florida Earth Day

11th annual Central Florida Earth Day, the largest and longest-running Earth Day festival in Central Florida!

The goals of Central Florida Earth Day are to:

Inspire sustainable, humane, healthy, and equitable decisions at all levels, from the individual and local levels to the corporate, governmental and international levels

Foster positive community-building in Central Florida and beyond

Support businesses and NGOs that are making a positive difference in the world

Promote all forms of creativity and artistic expression

Provide knowledge, resources, and inspiration to people of all ages through environmental and humane education

Assist animals in need through homeless animal adoption

Create access to and awareness of healthy, sustainable, and local vegan cuisine


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